Faith and the Abortion Dilemma: How to Stand Firm

I inquired with my physicians about the likelihood of a positive outcome, and if they had any previous experience with this. My doctor, who has been practicing for many years, stated that she had never encountered such a case before,” shared Morgan Farr. “My husband and I had been praying for a son, despite our love and adoration for our daughters.

We both, and even our daughters, felt a longing for a son. I took this desire to the church altar and asked for guidance from the Lord. During my prayer, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.

“I went back to my seat, and I told my husband, I’m like, ‘He’s gonna give us a son. I don’t know when but he’s coming.’ So, when we found out we were pregnant, we were just completely overjoyed,” she stated.

Morgan and her husband, Charlie, announced the pregnancy at 15 weeks. A few weeks later, the unthinkable happened. “Very unexpectedly, my water broke at just 19 weeks,” Morgan recalled. “So, we go to the maternity ward. We’re sent to triage and the doctor comes in and does an ultrasound. And she turns the machine off and just says, ‘I’m very sorry, there’s no fluid left. It’s completely gone.’ And she said, ‘I’m very sorry to tell you this, but you’re going to go into labor within hours, days.’” 

Hours went by, then days. But Morgan did not go into labor. She was also still producing water, which gave her hope. But the doctors were concerned and advised her to induce to avoid infection. 

“He would be too little to even intubate. There was nothing that they could do,” said Morgan. “They really stressed to us how dangerous this was. It was even said that I needed to think about our other children at home, because my life was now at risk.”

“We knew what they were telling us,” Charlie stated. “We knew that there was going to be, within the next 24 hours to 48 hours of possibly her getting an infection. And if that happens, it can be terminal, you know, and then I could lose my wife and child. So, this was like the first biggest trial of my life that I’ve ever really solely had to depend on God.”

Morgan recalled, “But something just was in me, and I know it was the Holy Spirit saying, ‘Just-just wait. Just see what I can do. Just see how this plays out.’”

After a few days and no answers, a traveling nurse happened to be assigned to Morgan’s care. She told her that this was called, “preterm premature rupture of the membranes (PPROM)” and she had seen it happen before.

“So, she really started to advocate with us with the other doctors and just begged them to not write us off,” said Morgan. “And that was just everything that we needed in that moment of just such despair. I was in this hospital for about three days. Nothing had happened. And so, they said we’re gonna go ahead and send you home. Which was terrifying. I put myself on strict bed rest. I did nothing. My family did everything for me, for our children. And I laid in that bed, and I prayed, and I drank water like it was my job. Literally hundreds of people around the world praying for us.”

Morgan continued. “People in different states and even in different countries would sign up, and every hour of the day we were covered in prayer for weeks. And that was amazing. Because being on bed rest, you feel helpless. It is very emotional,” she added. “You’re in that room, in that bed, by yourself, that’s when the devil can really wreak havoc and there were just many times it was just me and the baby. And I had to just turn the worship music on. It would just play for hours. And so, I had a follow up with my doctor, and at that point we were just hoping that everything would seal and that there would be amniotic fluid in the next scan,” said Morgan.

But the ultrasound showed there was still no fluid, yet her baby still moved within her. One of Morgan’s doctors supported her decision to continue the pregnancy, but another had a different opinion. “He was very worried about me and highly, highly pressured us to abort,” said Morgan. “Best case scenario, if the baby did somehow survive, it would be a damaged survivor.”

“We knew that we weren’t going to go the route that they really want us to go,” Charlie stated. “And we stood firm on that, that no matter what or how our baby came out, we were gonna love it no matter what. And we weren’t going to terminate a pregnancy just because a doctor asked us to.”

Morgan noted, “I left that appointment completely devastated. I sat in the bed and the baby was the most active that it had ever been since the water had broke. And I knew that was the Lord saying, ‘We’re okay.’”

Morgan went to appointments every week, and every week it was the same hopeless news. But Morgan and Charlie clung to hope in God.
“There was still no infection, which was great. The baby was growing, despite them saying that it wouldn’t be able to,” said Morgan. “And I also just prayed once it became clear that the womb wasn’t going to reseal, we just began to pray for the living water. You know, it was like, “Lord, there might not be fluid in there, but let your living water be there to grow and to develop this baby as it should be. We don’t need the amniotic fluid if it’s not your will to replace it, but give us the living water.”

At 24 weeks, her baby was considered medically viable, and Morgan was allowed to be admitted to the hospital while awaiting to go into labor.
“At 25 weeks the doctors came in…it was just a normal morning, I felt fine. And just moments after that, I get up and realize that I have experienced prolapsed cord,” explained Morgan. “So, they come in, there was doctors everywhere. They knock me out. They end up doing the fastest C-section the hospital has ever done. They got him out in eight minutes. I remember waking up and my husband’s trying to tell me his weight, his height, all of that, and the only thing that I said is, ‘Is he alive?’ And he said, ‘he’s alive.’” 

“We realize, you know, and he’s normal. He has all his fingers, toes, he can move. At that point, there was nothing wrong with him physically,” said Charlie. “That just fueled us.”

“I knew that he was gonna be okay, because the Lord had kept him this far, and he was promised to us,” noted Morgan. “And so surely, because the Lord’s hand was upon him this entire time, he was gonna be with him and he was going to be okay.” 

Kohen’s battle for life continued at the NICU for four months, with God’s miraculous hand still evident at every turn. “Our biggest struggles and goals in the NICU were trying to get him to gain weight, were trying to get his lungs in a healthy place, and to try to protect and take care of his eyes,” said Morgan. “Thankfully, the Lord healed him, and he was able to come home on some oxygen, but he was able to come home.”

“It’s been a journey just by looking at him, you just know that he’s special,” explained Charlie. “We have some struggles that we have to overcome. But we’ve seen how far God has brought him from just 1 pound 12 ounces and 12 inches. And that just grows our faith to say, ‘But look what God did.’ So, looking now at him and you see this beautiful, healthy, thriving little boy that could have never been here. I’m just so thankful for the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit that we didn’t give in to abortion. That we didn’t give in to induction.”

Charlie explained, “Always fight for what you feel in your gut and in your heart. And you know that you’ve heard from God and you have faith that God is giving you a word or spoken over your life, then to stand firm on that.”

“Your situation may try to steal a lot of things from you, your peace, your joy. But don’t let it steal your hope. Because I can’t imagine our life without him,” Morgan concluded.

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