The Hunt for Butchering Devil Worshipers

Devil worshipers are being hunted after a dead badger and a deer’s head were put near a school, in Totton, Hampshire.

The badger’s spreadeagled corpse was found inside a five-pointed satanic star.

Three days earlier a deer’s head was also discovered in a busy underpass at Spicers Hill.

It follows cases of New Forest sheep being killed in 2019 and 2020 – in those instances, they were stabbed, mutilated and daubed with so-called satanic symbols.

At the time, police also received reports of a cow being injured, while a church was covered in satanic graffiti, including the numbers 666 sprayed on the door.

One appalled resident, who asked not to be named, said: “The discovery of the badger, placed on a pentagram surrounded by leaves and consequently blood, shocked many students.

“This isn’t the only incident of this satanic ritual. A mutilated deer head was discovered in similar circumstances. Is this quiet neighborhood having deals with the devil?

“And the lingering question running through all students’ heads – who is doing this? And what’s next?”

The gruesome badger discovery was made in an underpass outside Hounsdown School. Totton councilor David Harrison said: “The people doing this are doing so to cause a bit of a public outrage.

“It is completely devoid of any care for children who might witness what is an unpleasant sight as they walk to school.

“It is very immature, thoughtless, and likely that it is nothing whatever to do with any satanic ritual.”

Sergeant James Blachford of the local constabulary added: “There is nothing to suggest at this time that the animals were killed deliberately, nor any evidence at the scene that a ritual had taken place.”

2 thoughts on “The Hunt for Butchering Devil Worshipers

  1. tom

    Sgt. Blachford has his head either in the sand or up between his legs. A decapitated animal head in the middle of a pentagram is a form of ritual. And anyone who can decapitate an animal can visit the same cruelty and unfeeling violence on humans.

  2. Patty

    Agreed. This is clearly part of a satanic ritual! This must be stopped! The next “ victim” could very well be a child!


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