Biden Wants to Track the Religion of Americans

Biden tracking your Religion to violate Privacy

“This week, we revealed that an obscure federal agency plans to keep lists of the ‘personal religious information’ employees who had religious objections to the federal employee vaccine mandate,” reports Daily Signal.

As it turns out, the little-known Pre-trial Services Agency for the District of Columbia isn’t the only federal agency involved. As we feared, a whole-of-government effort looks to be underway.

A little digging at the Federal Register revealed that there are at least 19 total federal agencies—including five cabinet level agencies—that have created or proposed to create these tracking lists for religious-exemption requests from their employees.

The list includes the Department of Justice, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Transportation, and the Department of the Treasury, to name only a few.

As the nation’s largest employer, with over four million civilian and military employees, the federal government has received tens of thousands of religious exemption requests. It now appears that an increasing number of federal agencies are keeping and preserving those individuals’ names, religious information, personally identifying information, and other data stored in lists across multiple government agencies.


…the Biden administration is creating lists that can all communicate with one another on which individuals have sought religious exemptions from the federal employee vaccine mandate or other religious accommodations within the scope of their employment by the government.

Several of the notices, but not all, indicate that they are being issued to implement Biden’s COVID-19 executive order on federal government employees. The rest have proffered the Privacy Act of 1974—which establishes a code of information practices that governs the collection, maintenance, use, and dissemination of information about individuals stored by federal agencies—as their justification for the creation of a new list.

The agencies plan to collect religious affiliation, the reasons and support given for religious accommodation requests, names, contact information, date of birth, aliases, home address, contact information, and other identifying information. These lists will be shared between federal agencies.

[Dr. Chaps’ comment: They’re coming for you. Democrats hate your religion, and your privacy, and want to fire you from your job unless you obey and comply with Biden as God, not Jesus. Soon they’ll use these lists as a reason to purge you from society.]

6 thoughts on “Biden Wants to Track the Religion of Americans

  1. SMetro

    ..And Mr. Biden claims to be Catholic himself…riiiight! First and foremost he is a progressive Democrat whose agenda is, as with all of them, to gain and keep power by sticking their ugly noses into everyone’s business. The American, democratic way is freedom, incl. the freedom to practice one’s religion in every aspect of life, not freedom FROM religion. Get it right for once, Mr. Biden.

    1. AC Ophoff

      First, one’s faith remains a part of one’s identity, something not to be ashamed of, assumedly.
      Government records contain people’s race, country of origin, eye color, age, gender, address. income status, level of education, and more. Religious faith one claims, how is that something to be hidden.
      Also, this information is used in the science of statistics studying people populations. There results are seen in community services for the common good.
      Surveys asking which faith one belongs to or identifies with are useful information. Polling done dither defines people groups and tax fund allocations proportioned efficiently.
      Fear of government intelligence and thinking various agencies will use information against citizens is antithetical in our democratic and free country.
      Hypothetically speaking, worst case scenario unscrupulous people and organizations use harmless data in harmful schemes. The criminal intent of the few has no right to influence the many lawfully exercising our personal choice of religion or freedom to not choose.
      When the people fear some reprisal for their faith belief they relinquish rights from freedoms and enable a rights transfer to another. Most likely it not the civil government but another power seeking entity, unfriendly
      to organized faith groups.

  2. ratwrangler

    I don’t ask for any special consideration for religious reasons, as Scripture tells me that God decides which leaders to put over us. That being said, I’m legally ordained as a Christian minister, a Master of Wicca, and an ordained minister in the First United Church of Cthulhu. I also have an honorary doctorate in metaphysics. I see that the inability for Congress to “prohibit the free exercise thereof” of religion by the people is paramount, and keeping a list could prevent some from willingly practicing their religions. People get nervous when their private lives are scrutinized, and our government has no business doing so. We weren’t even permitted to ask about citizenship in the last Census, and now they want to ask about religion?

  3. Disgusted

    It’s because the so called Pesident, his admin, Pelosi, Hillary, Obama and Soros want all of us to be under one religion, the cult of Satan. It will never happen. We will fight for our lives to stay as far away from treasonous Biden and Satan as we can.


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