‘The Renewal’ aims to restore America’s covenant with God

A major intercessory prayer gathering calling the United States back to its covenant relationship with God is slated for early January in Plant City, Florida. 

In a phone interview Tuesday afternoon with The Christian Post, Kevin Jessip, the president of Global Strategic Alliance, explained that what is being called “The Renewal” will be a continuation of The Return. The initial event took place on Sept. 26, 2020, on Shabbat Shuva, coinciding with the Sabbath Day when the passage in Joel 2 — about calling a holy fast and a day of repentance — is read in synagogues. 

That September day on the National Mall was characterized by massive repentance and prayer as tens of thousands of Christians from across all denominations came to the nation’s capital to pray, fast and intercede.

Jessip explained that their vision behind that day was characterized by five “Rs” aimed at spiritually restoring the nation. Repentance comes first, which leads to reconciliation, followed by restoration and then comes revival. After that comes reformation. 

“The Renewal is almost like a second step in this process in the return to God,” Jessip said, describing the September 2020 gathering as a real “Jonah-Nineveh moment.” With the change in political leadership that has since taken place, the question is, Jessip believes: “Is it a consequence of where America has been headed?”

Now, the U.S. continues to be at a critical point where the nation seems to have forgotten its Judeo-Christian heritage, including the eternal rules of order and right, much of which is established in the Mayflower Compact, he went on to say. 

Jessip recounted how, when the Lord gave their team Jan. 8, 2022, as a date, it was based upon three scriptures with 1:8 chapter-verse locations, including Exodus 1:8. The passage speaks of a new leader coming to power in Egypt who knew not Joseph and summarily forced the Hebrews to work as slaves. A similar dynamic is presently occurring in the U.S., he contends. 

“We’re watching this transition in America happen before our eyes,” Jessip said, “and then we go into Deuteronomy 1:8, which says, ‘See, I have given you this land. Go in and take possession of the land the Lord swore he would give to your fathers — to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob — and to their descendants after them.’”

In other words, Exodus 1:8 is informing how The Renewal is doing Deuteronomy 1:8. However, this cannot be done without Acts 1:8, which reads: “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

“We have people from every continent around the globe who are sending in videos regarding the re-covenanting of America back to God. And it’s amazing because the whole world is watching what America is doing,” Jessip said. 

Despite its founding documents showing reverential regard for the Creator, the U.S. has turned away from God and is now going headlong toward judgment, Jessip emphasized. 

On Jan. 8, there will be prayer, repentance and opportunities for prophetic ministry. Featured speakers will include Messianic Jewish Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Pastor Kent Christmas of Regeneration-Nashville, and Pastor Carter Conlon of Times Square Church in New York City will be speaking on the centrality of God’s covenantal relationship.  

Various federal and state government officials are also expected to attend and speak, but The Renewal will not have an overtly political focus, Jessip told CP. 

“There are only two nations that are tied together with covenants with God. God made a covenant with Israel, but America made a covenant with God. And we have broken that covenant with God and today what we are watching re-play is of ancient judgment mysteries that happened in the last days of Israel before its destruction 2,700 years ago.” 

What will be explored at The Renewal in January is whether America’s sins have reached such fullness so as to warrant those judgments and whether the cup of iniquity has become so full that the nation comes to an end. 

“The question is: Are we at the point where God lifts his hand of protection and permits judgment? I think the answer to that, obviously, is yes,” Jessip offered. “The fullness of America will arrive when four events converge.” 

Those four events, he explained, are when God’s sovereign purpose for the nation is completed; when the inhabitants of the land reject the Bible and its principles; when people in the nation no longer repent and harden their hearts to the truth, and when abominations become legal and acceptable laws to the majority of the people. 
Jessip clarified that he is not saying that the U.S. will be destroyed or will cease to exist. However, when national sin and the rejection of God’s laws persist, according to the pattern in ancient Israel, five things will happen, he contended.

Those five things, he said, are: God will allow the nation to be ruled by evil leaders; He will permit strangers to rise higher than His people; God will not deliver us from those who hate us; He will allow economic challenges, and God will lift His hand of protection to allow natural disasters to take place. 

“America’s cup of iniquity is so full that it is teetering on the edge,” he said, and the things that happened in ancient Israel before its destruction are now happening in America, including the plagues,” Jessip said. 

However, there is yet hope, he stressed. 

“There is a remnant group, a righteous remnant of people across America who are standing in the gap, believing God for what the Word says, where God Himself says, ‘I will arise for the sake of my own name.’ And when He does, and I believe He is about to, all of these people that are defiling and blaspheming the testimony of His faithfulness will be shut down and there will be a righteous remnant rise with the power of the spirit of Elijah,” Jessip said. 

“And we are about to see in the midst of America’s darkest hour one of the greatest moves of God ever, and the Holy Spirit’s latter rain outpouring is about to be unleashed and we’re going to see great and mighty things that we know not of and God is preparing His people for the greatest harvest in the history of the world and God has not only saved us, but He’s going to keep us through it.” 

He added: “We will hide in the cleft of His rock. He will protect, strengthen and bring it all home.”

The Renewal will be held on Jan. 8, 2022, at the Florida Strawberry Festival and will begin at 10 a.m. EST. 

2 thoughts on “‘The Renewal’ aims to restore America’s covenant with God

  1. Mike

    Mr. Jessip’s fear of his belief in the myths and superstitions of religious books is ridiculous. The US is a different place than when the Mayflower landed. Forget that era and evolve into today’s multi racial society and adherence to a variety of religions including Muslim which is the largest religion in the world. There is no covenant with some imaginary Christian God. I am not sure that even 1/2 the population believes in such a mythical entity. Please stop trying to push your religious beliefs on the population. They will find their own place and worship accordingly.

  2. ray

    Evidence of God (Jehovah), Jesus (Savior) and God the Holy Spirit does exist in the everyday life of every one on this planet. Whether one chose to believe is an option for the individual. Time is running short, whether one believes or not. It is advisable for one to read the New Testament (Matthew to Revelation) first and then when completed read the Old Testament (Genesis to Malachi). Without the reading of this Book (the Holy Bible), deception is assured. The Holy Bible is like the instruction manual for a brand new car you just purchased. The wise, will read the instruction manual from cover to cover lest the vehicle self destructs due to the lack of maintenance. They will also read the manual to fully understand how to operate all the bells and whistles throughout the vehicle. That’s what the Holy Bible Is to our bodies. As for Islam, their Koran follows the Laws of Abraham until Isaac and Ishmael are separated. There’s a conflict of whether it was Isaac or Ishmael whom was almost sacrificed as God (Jehovah) commanded Abraham. From that point on, the Christian Bible and the Koran differ vastly. The Christian Bible states that it was Isaac who was nearly sacrificed. The Koran states that it was Ishmael who was nearly sacrificed.
    One thing for sure, all the advancing modern technology, has changed the world’s perception of God. Many now believe that technology has replaced God. It has not. It is worth noting that the world may change, but God never changes. Every thing written in the Christian Bible has come to past. Not a single failure. The prophecies that remain to be fulfilled can be found, for the most part, in the Book Of Revelations. It’s up to you, God will not force you. One has to come to Him of his own free will. One’s judgement will be based on their own free will. With all of the evidence surrounding us, God will not be blamed. Please, read the Bible through at least once in your lifetime. You will not regret it. (It is my hope that I’m making an error in presuming that your Bible hasn’t been read in it’s entirety.) Give the Lord a chance to prove himself to you. You certainly won’t regret that!


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