NASA Hires Priests To Prepare Humans For Contact With Aliens

NASA has enlisted the advice and expertise of 24 theologians to help predict how various cultures and religions from different parts of the world would react to alien contact.Advert10

In 2014, Princeton University’s Center for Theological Inquiry (CTI) in New Jersey was given a $1.1 million grant, which is where the research is now set to take place.

Rev Dr Andrew Davidson, a British priest and theologist at the University of Cambridge, is among the 24 who will debate how the heavily anticipated alien discovery would be received by different religions across the globe, Dazed reports.

Davidson suggests the possibility of God having created other lifeforms in the universe in his upcoming book Astrobiology and Christian Doctrine.Advert10

He states: 

Non-religious people also seem to overestimate the challenges that religious people… would experience if faced with evidence of alien life.

The former head of NASA’s Astrobiology Institute, Carl Pilcher, explained the theologians were brought in to bridge the gap between science and religion, to ‘consider the implications of applying the tools of late 20th (and early 21st) century science to questions that had been considered in religious traditions for hundreds or thousands of years’.

Pilcher believes it is ‘just inconceivable’ to think that Earth is the only planet home to lifeforms, ‘when there are over 100 billion stars in this galaxy, and over 100 billion galaxies in the universe’.

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