Church in Malawi Built by Catholic Women

Catholic women have been meeting for their Annual General Assembly at the Bembeke Teachers Training College in the Diocese of Dedza. At the conclusion of the Assembly, the women resolved to enhance family life and support families in difficulty.

Women as protagonists in the Church

Officiating at the General Assembly of Malawi’s Catholic Women Organisation (CWO), Bishop Peter Adrian Chifukwa of the Diocese of Dedza acknowledged the role of Catholic women in the Church of Malawi. During the Eucharistic celebration, Bishop Chifukwa expressed his appreciation and esteem for the work of the CWO – Malawi in all eight dioceses of the country. He encouraged the ladies to forge ahead.

“Women are protagonists in the Church. If we look at families, the community, and the country, women have a crucial role to play daily. The Church is doing very well thanks to the contribution of the CWO,” said Bishop Chifukwa.

Many women suffer in silence

According to an Agenzia Fides report, the women’s Assembly discussed annual reports of each diocese, natural family planning methods, the importance of witnessing Christian conjugal love, child abuse and the correct use of social media.

“Child abuse is one of the dangers we are encountering in our families. Women should always speak up whenever they witness or experience any form of violence. I see many children and women who suffer in silence,” said politician and guest of honour at the Assembly, Juliana Lunguzi.

Use social media responsibly

CWO national president, Lucy Vokhiwa counselled on the correct use of social media.

“Let’s make sure our actions convince other people to join us. CWO members must use social media responsibly. The platform should be a tool to bring a message of salvation and hope,” said Vokhiwa.

Vokhiwa further urged the women to plant trees in their respective dioceses during the next rainy season. “It is very important to take care of creation, and each of us can and must do our part,” she advised.

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