Robinson: ‘Why is it ok to stone to death in Iraq?!’

The GB News guest made his emotional case during a panel discussion on recent comments the Archbishop of Canterbury made on the negative use of the term snowflake. The discussion evolved into a debate on morality in modern Britain, with Calvin Robinson defending the core tenets of the Christian faith as he insisted people should establish their moral compass on the scriptures rather than being influenced by men of the Church. He said: “Our compass has to be fixed otherwise it’s constantly shifting.

“Unless you have a compass, your morality shifts depending on how you feel at the time.”

Mr Robinson continued: “The Church is made up of people, people have fallen, people are flawed, people make mistakes, people are bad, people get things wrong.

“These people should not be followed. But the Church is not the people, the Church is the faith, the Church is the body of Christ.

“Morality is in the scripture, it’s in the Bible, it’s in tradition. Morality, we do get it from somewhere.”

calvin robinson christian faith defence

Calvin Robinson launched in a passionate defense

of the Christian faith (Image: GB NEWS)

calvin robinson news christianity speech

Calvin Robinson insisted morality guidance should be drawn from the scriptures (Image: GB NEWS)

He added: ” The moral values in this country are very different from the moral values in Dubai, are very different from the moral values in Syria.

“Where do they come from? In this country, from established faith, over tradition, over time. Why are the moral values in this country so different to ones in Iraq then?

“Why is it appropriate there…why is it morally ok to stone someone to death for being a lesbian there but it’s not here?

“Anybody made up of people is going to make mistakes and do things wrong but you’re not looking at the people for guidance, you’re looking at the scripture, you’re looking at God.”

Co-panellist Leo Kearse however cast doubt on Mr Robinson’s argument, noting following Christian scriptures had resulted in “horrific” human decisions in the past.

Mr Kearse said: “A few hundreds of years ago, we were burning people as witches.

“The Church was burning people as witches.

“Why was Christianity, for hundreds of years, doing the same horrific things that are being done in Iraq?”

He added: “The line is different for everyone. You can’t live according to some scripture. This is a mistake.”

Mr Robinson’s speech was the result of comments Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, made in the House of Lords this week in defence of freedom of speech.

The Archbishop dismissed using the term “snowflake generation” to describe those who want to help others in need.

He told peers that “fear of reprisal”, “distortion of truth” and the “dehumanisation” of people others disagree with are the “greatest threats” to freedom of speech.

Leading a debate on challenges to freedom of speech, he told the House of Lords: “We hear much nonsense of the snowflake generation who seek safety.

“Younger generations are more concerned than their older counterparts about the safety and protection of minorities, and more willing to call for restrictions on speech to achieve this.

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