Fox News Christmas Tree Set on Fire in Midtown Manhattan

A large Christmas tree outside Fox’s Midtown headquarters was set ablaze early Wednesday by an arsonist who was quickly taken into custody.

The 50-foot tree on Sixth Avenue went up in flames just before 12:15 a.m., and heavy flames then spread to smaller decorated trees in the display.

Police say the 49-year-old suspect climbed up “the metal superstructure” — the tree is an artificial sculpture that is shaped to look like a tree — lit papers he brought with him on fire, and shoved the papers into the tree structure.

He then climbed down and watched from the street level as it burned, and he was spotted by building security who pointed the man out to police officers posted in nearby Rockefeller Center.

Man arrested after Fox News Christmas tree set on fire | KLAS

The suspect is identified as 49-year-old Craig Tamanaha, who is homeless, with a last known address in Brooklyn.

A lighter was found in his possession.

5 thoughts on “Fox News Christmas Tree Set on Fire in Midtown Manhattan

  1. William scott English

    It never ends. These nuts and criminals are being let loose by the equally goofy DAs just to reek havoc. It’s time to put a stop to this!!

  2. John

    Maybe if there weren’t such socialist leftist and corrupt Democrats in New York it would be the abortion clinics that would burn to the ground, what they set on fire there, they’ll burn in hell for later, can’t wait till that scoialist loving State collapses and all the animals within it devour each other


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