Hindu priest calls for beheading of Christians

A Hindu priest in India called for the beheading of Christian converts at a rally. Christians in the region fear the words could cause more violence against them.

The October 1 rally, entitled “Stop Religious Conversions,” had heavy political support in the Chhattisgarh region. Chhattisgarh also has anti-conversion laws, designed by Hindu extremists to harass religious minorities.

Mission Cry’s work

Many Hindus throughout India claim that huge numbers of conversions to Christianity or Islam threaten their religion. Despite this, Mission Cry has seen a great demand for Bibles and Christian books in neighboring Odisha State in Eastern India, the home of many ancient Hindu temples.

Jason Woolford says, “We’ve sent two containers, actually, to that area for the sake of evangelism. We also want to get three seminaries credentialed there. We provided over $2 million worth of free Bibles and Christian books, in order to help all three of the seminaries have a lending library and a seminary library.”

You can help finance the shipping containers Mission Cry uses to transport these materials. Ask God to use this ministry to fill many hearts with the hope of Jesus. Woolford says, “People have the ability to sponsor the Mission Cry Bible at $2 a Bible, producing that and getting it in the hands of somebody overseas. You can also mail extra copies of your Bibles and Christian books that are sitting on your shelf.”

4 thoughts on “Hindu priest calls for beheading of Christians

  1. Mike

    Impressive, you find one crackpot and try to get the base excited. How many Muslims did Christians behead over the ages? Also, this is the kind of crap you get in a theocracy. Modi may deny it is a theocracy but it is and our former President commended the guy.
    Stop sending missionaries to these countries. Let them develop their own myths and superstitions.

    1. D

      Its so fascinating that unbelievers frequent and read Christian websites and blogs. Their comments, intended only as vitriol to lash out at the gentle people of the way and the followers of the Book. The unreasonable hatred for Christians is only equaledby their hated for the Creator and His Son Yeshua.

      We pray for such people, our hearts break for the ones that cannot see. And yet, these blinded ones are unable to express anything but venom towards those that love them.

      That venom doesnt begin with the hatred of God and His followers. It begins with in their youth, with hatred of the truth and the very parents that gave birth to them, ultimately directed towards all that speak of love and mercy.

  2. John

    The sick twisted child molesting and child bride murdering morons in the Middle East will be the reason why we have an Armageddon, these vile creatures of Satan should have been wiped out years ago


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