A Church Murder Mystery

A 69-year-old woman was found stabbed to death inside the Maryland church her family had worshiped at for generations.

According to news reports, Evelyn Player was found inside the Southern Baptist Church in East Baltimore, Maryland, this week.

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott said the crime against her was an “unspeakable, cowardly murder.”

“This is not OK,” he said. “None of us should be OK. Her family is four generations strong at Southern … Solving this unfathomable, unthinkable cowardly act is now priority number one for the Baltimore Police Department.”

Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael S. Harrison told reporters that Player, who volunteers at the church, came to the church about 6 a.m. Tuesday to unlock the doors and allow contractors inside to work on renovations the church is undergoing.

“Somewhere around 6:50 a.m., we know she was found inside of the bathroom there in her work area dead, where she had been attacked,” he said.

According to The Christian Post, a church employee found Player’s body and called the police shortly after.

“I am with the mayor. If somebody saw something, heard something or knows something, please call us right away,” Harrison said.

The mayor said in his statement that he hoped anyone who knew anything about the murder would come forward.

“I don’t care if this person is your son, your husband, your boyfriend, your daughter, your uncle, your aunt,” he said. “You should turn this person in because if we’re OK with someone this cowardly murdering someone that could be your grandmother, that could be someone else’s grandmother, then what are we willing to stand up for?”

Player’s daughter, Alethea Finch, said her mother was a devoted church member and a retired office worker.

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