Evangelical warns Christians have ‘erected a graven image’ of Trump and let it corrupt the faith

One of the things the Bible’s New Testament warns against is idolatry, meaning that Christians are not supposed to worship fellow human beings and elevate them to the level of deities.

While admiration is fine — one can admire, for example, the accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Mahatma Gandhi, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Nelson Mandela — idolatry is off limits.

But Never Trump conservative Matt Labash, in a SubStack article published on November 17, laments that fellow evangelicals have fallen into idolatry when it comes to former President Donald Trump.

Labash, known for writing for the Washington Examiner and the now-defunct Weekly Standard, argues that Trump worship has seriously “corrupted” the United States’ evangelical movement. And he cites far-right evangelical John Hagee as a glaring example.

“What’s disturbing…. about Hagee, is that he isn’t some stand-alone aberration but rather, by now a familiar type: people who haven’t just let politics influence their faith, but who have let politics supplant their faith,” Labash writes. “When the two are in conflict, politics wins. See Pastor John MacArthur insisting that ‘any real, true believer’ had to vote for Trump, or Franklin Graham, the moral runt of Billy’s litter, comparing House Republicans who voted for Trump’s impeachment to Jesus’ betrayer, Judas Iscariot.”

Countless evangelicals, Labash warns, have fallen so far down the MAGA rabbit hole that they are willing to accept the most ludicrous conspiracy theories as fact.

“Earlier this year,” Labash explains, “a Survey Center on American Life poll showed 74% of White evangelical Republicans say that the claim of widespread fraud in the 2020 election is either mostly or completely accurate. A full three-quarters say (President Joe) Biden was not legitimately elected…. Sixty percent of them also believed that the attack on the U.S. Capitol was carried out by Antifa, which is, how to put it, bonkers. And I say that as someone who positively loathes Antifa, and who has stood in the middle of Antifa violence.”

Labash adds, “More troubling still, 31% — almost a third — had gone fairly QAnon, believing ‘Donald Trump has been secretly fighting a group of child sex traffickers that included prominent Democrats and Hollywood elites’…. My point is to say that too many people of faith have taken their eye off their deity, and erected a graven image — or an orange one — letting politics corrupt their faith, or at least letting the former take primacy over the latter.”

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25 thoughts on “Evangelical warns Christians have ‘erected a graven image’ of Trump and let it corrupt the faith

  1. Evangelicals Who Shine a Light On The Blatant Suppression of Election Data Offends Never Trumpers

    Never Trumpers, like Liz Cheney, and Matt Labash, are not really Republicans.
    They are Deep State and many are member of/or support the Lincoln Project.

    Any author who would crate a “strawman” characterization of Evangelicals, would be the equivalent of others calling all supporters of the Lincoln Project and their supporters a bunch of pedophiles.
    As we have read a large majority of Lincoln Project and Never Trumpers have been found to be.

    After the 202 Presidential Election, the U.S. military collected Scytl server data from Frankfurt, Germany.
    In addition, un-corrupted data from the “five eyes” countries prove that Trump not only won the 2020 election.
    Trump won the 2020 election by a Landslide.

    If Matt Labash, whatever he is, instead of spending all his free time condemning Evangelical Christians, deserves to supporting the revelation of suppressed 2020 election data, instead of spreading the alt-left propaganda narrative.

    Labash’s slanted reporting, without producing evidence of balanced reporting just shows us what he is.

  2. Robert J Hekkema

    I know God is Greater and in control more than Donald Trump or any other being. I vote for my principles and beliefs from God’s Word not for any other reason. Personally I am not a Donald Trump fan his beliefs are more in line with mine but, I would like Ron DeSantis to run instead.

  3. Renaldo

    A bit idiotic! Sorry, but, anyone weak enough to succumb to this theory or ideology does not have an accurate assessment of reality. This man can have his opinion, but, it is not based on fact. He should check his own convictions and set of facts.

  4. Apred Boy

    Baloney, Trump was sent by God to reveal the corruption within our government and America as a whole, church included, just like YOU!. Trump has been released by God because that’s all God wanted him to do “reveal the sickness of America”. Who would have done that? NO ONE, What politician would have revealed the “swamp”? NO ONE! Was Trump worshiped? of course not, but he was chosen to just revealed the lawlessness that is still going strong. Jesus Christ will soon come to make sure all of these ABOMINATIONS THAT OUR NATION HAS COMMITTED will end, period. Talk about destruction, talk about wrath, talk about judgment, yes it will come but it belongs to the KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS TO DO AS HE PLEASES, COME QUICKLY LORD JESUS.

  5. Gary

    When the current so called administration keeps dropping like flies in whatever political poll ranking that is out there, and for apparently very good reasons, not only evangelicals but many others say enough is enough and look to what other choices are available to choose from. Trump fits the bill for a number of reasons and if one looks at his record of accomplishment as previous POTUS compared to the current imposter, there is no contest. Is he perfect, no. Is he without being challenged in certain areas, no. If he is being deified, that is not right. The problem is not so much as Trump being deified but what has been accomplished and what apparently is on the Democratic Party agenda to dismantle and reboot the America that has led us to be the envy of every other country in the world. What have they done to help the American people? In just less than one year, thousands of jobs have been destroyed, the Southern Border has been opened wide to the whims of Mexican cartels, import of huge amounts of illegal drugs leading to scores of “accidental” deaths , sex trafficing and infected aliens with no control over their illnesses being relocated to various areas in the US, violation of the Constitution with illegal orders and mandates, promotion of inappropriate sex and race education in our schools and now rapid inflation including ever escalating gasoline prices just to name a few. This author needs to reevaluate what the real problems are, not some questionable cult theory.

  6. Nota Hero

    It seems to me that politics may have supplanted this particular “evangelical’s judgement. What happened to “Judge not, that you be not judged?” But hey, who am I to Judge? I agree that politics has no place in the Church (the body of believers). Our faith, reverence, and ultimate allegiance is to Our Lord Jesus Christ, who bought us with His death on the cross for the forgiveness of our sin. However Jesus Himself said that His Church is to be “salt and light” in this world. If we don’t have a voice or participate in the affairs of government (like voting for example) we could possibly allow our religious freedom to slip away. Who we may support or vote for is our choice. Since no human I know of, including myself, is perfect, no politician is perfect. We get what we are willing to accept. It is my opinion that the Church may possibly be in danger of becoming an insignificant institution considering the current change in the culture of America and it’s government. If we choose to support someone or anyone, regardless of how they are judged by others, it is up to us to decide whether they will support our Christian values or not. Those of us who only worship our Lord and Savior even “pray for our enemies”, as the Lord has commanded. In the meantime, we will continue to thank God for our very existence and for any freedom of choice we enjoy as American citizens. After all, it is He who will be the ultimate “judge of the living and the dead”. Maybe I’m all wrong, but I’ll leave it to Him to decide. May God bless you and America and keep it free.

  7. Mike

    Loser45 is the golden calf for many. They accept his lies and generally deplorable behavior as some kind of sign from their god that this charlatan will lead them to salvation. Facts are for fools and crazy allegations are facts. he guy wouldn’t know a bible verse from a Mother Goose verse. And he doesn’t care as long as they worship at his feet. This subservience will put off a couple generations of younger people who see through Don’s deliberate strategy to entertain his base with racist baiting and lies.

    1. Mike

      This story is predictable from an attention seeking self loathing and conflicted Leftist willing to sellout anybody and say anything, but you’re the very obvious nutcase you’re describing. Let’s Go Brandon! FJB! : )

    2. Sandra Price

      Typical hate-filled monologue from someone who obviously knows nothing about Christianity!! Yes, I voted for Trump, and yes, I think he was the best president in my lifetime. Do I idolize him?? Of course not! He is just a man with faults and failures just like any of us!! What about Joe Biden?? He is arguably the worst president in the history of this country, as corrupt as they come, and was ONLY elected by fraud, as any person with two brain cells to rub together can see!! Those who actually voted for him, like you, only did so because of their hatred for Trump!! If there are true idol worshipers in this country, and there are, it is the democrats, who worship money and power!!!

  8. TOM

    Yes I do agree. The right wing Evangelicals even made a movie where they claim they had a vision and the vision was that Trump would win in 2016 and usher in a new era where the USA and Trump lead the world into righteousness. This is all a load of crap! Right wing Christian Evangelicals are the predominant form of home grown terrorists in the USA.

  9. John Ferrante

    The Pope’s and most churches priests and preachers of churches are more satanic than the demons they preach about, Trump doesn’t molest children or steal poor people’s money, the Pope in the Vatican is the most corrupt socialist abusive anti-American, anti-white anti-American idiot on the face of the planet this is why people leave these corrupted politically motivated religions to find out the truth about God,not what these Hypocrites tell us. Finding God is an individual Journey not sitting in a building with 100 people who all have their own unique ways of reaching God,we don’t need a spokesman for God and he sure doesn’t need Christian and Catholic priest telling people how to live , there no holier than the rest of us, clean your act up & stick your nose out of politics, and instead you should be standing up for God and anti abortion groups, but yet these Hypocrites support the Antichrist crowd in so many ways more than their own parishioners, thanks to the woke dope socialist Pope in the Vatican.

  10. Evangelicals Who Shine a Light On The Blatant Suppression of Election Data Offends Never Trumpers

    I love how sites beg you to leave a comment.
    And then when you do, they don’t print it.

  11. wog1

    I will tell you who has corrupted Christianity and it is Biden and Pelosi who profess to be good Catholics who anything but.

  12. Richard Sehi

    The Trump hate is just never going to end is it? You call yourselves Christians and then profess hate for another human being you personally don’t even know.7

  13. Susan

    Labash is absurd. No Evangelical believes or looks at President Trump as a god. Our God is our Father in heaven. But we firmly believe Trump was a great President and, hopefully, will be again. Trump believed in America First, which we believe in as
    well. Let’s take care of our own people first before we take care of the rest of the world. The country was in a great place during Trump’s term. The Liberal news which is 90% of the news in this country wanted to impeach him from Day One on the job. Crazy, wasn’t it, for what, being elected? Aside from the hateful headlines and talking points everyday of the Liberal news, and Congress impeaching him every other day, Trump still accomplished so much. Now there’s a man with dementia residing in the White House who is destroying the country. The border is a total disaster, the fool ran on getting control of Covid but has done absolutely nothing, he killed 13 military and left behind hundreds of Americans with his bass ackwards plan pulling out of Afghanistan, we now rely on other countries for our oil and as a result gas prices are going through the roof, the economy is a disaster, and inflation is the highest it’s been in 30 years. Biden’s a laughing stock of the world, he speaks gibberish, and the last embarrassing thing he did, was falling asleep during the Climate summit – and the Climate he and his party are throwing billions if not a trillion at. Biden lies constantly yet the Corrupt News Network and other stations say he “misspoke”. He misspeaks a helluva lot, doesn’t he, all through those decades he’s been in politics.Yet the Liberal News doesn’t say a bad word about that clown. If Trump did 1/100th of what that idiot does, it would be on the news 24/7. Biden won’t even have press conferences unless he gets questions beforehand and has the answers written down. What a fool. Then you’ve got the Laughing Hyena as his VP. Biden’s approval rating is 38% and hers is 28%, yet who are those people that make up those percentages that think he’s doing a great job? Maybe Labash should discuss the mental capacity of those people. By the way, CNN, MSNBC, and all those Liberal news stations’ ratings are in the tank now. Trump was even good for them. Trump did make America great again. Look at her now, it’s very sad that in just 10 months, America is in decline. China will be the dominant country in the world very soon if we continue on the path of the socialist Democrats. May God help us.

  14. Evangelicals Who Shine A Light On The Blatant Suppression of Election Data Offends Never Trumpers

    Never Trumpers, like Liz Cheney, and Matt Labash, are not really Republicans.
    They are Deep State, closet Democrats, and many are members of/or support the Lincoln Project.

    No difference between an author, who who is a Never Trumper, creating a “strawman” characterization of Evangelicals,
    And Evangelicals calling supporters of the Lincoln Project and their supporters a bunch of pedophiles.
    As we have read founding members of the Lincoln Project and other members have been found to be.

    After the 2020 Presidential Election, the U.S. military collected Scytl server data from Frankfurt, Germany.
    In addition, un-corrupted election data from the “five eyes” countries that spy and collect data on each other, prove that Trump not only won the 2020 election.
    Trump won the 2020 election by a Landslide.

    Matt Labash, whatever he is, deserves to spend more time supporting the revelation of suppressed 2020 election data, instead of spreading the alt-left propaganda narrative.

    Decent Americans do not respect all the blatant cheating being done by the Democrats.
    And they respect even less how the Democrats have intimidated the Never Trumpers, who are like HS children who want to be popular.

    Labash’s subjective reporting, without producing evidence of balanced reporting, just shows us what he is.

  15. Ralph

    Tom and Mike have more crap than Heinz has pickles. The lies come from you and your Socialist Democrats that were afraid of their power loss as Trump exposed their underhanded methods to bring Communism to this great country. Trump is not going away and DeSantis will be your next nightmare as he doesn’t bow to Soros, Pelosi and Schumer either.

  16. Robert H Allen

    Why should I listetn or believe Labash. Sounds like a bad lose to me. And to say I’m not spiritiual because I voted twice for Trump. What Labash failes to say is that Evangelicals that I know didn’t vote for Trump to be our spiritual leader or even because we agree with his personality. But you are in NO positiion to judge Franklin Graham, or John MacArther or any other Evangleical who voted for Turmp. And what do you say to the Evangelical’s who voted democratic, a party which has and continues to support abortion on demand , special rights for homoseuals, gender benders and other perversion, which for our first 5,000 years of human history has been considered unnatural by the Bible and all of mainstream Christianity. I suppose you believe all that voted against Trump, also voted against religious liberty, elimating abortion on demand , promoted immoral stands and put illegal citizens ahead of ALL Americans…I believe you need to go back do some more research..

  17. Robert H Allen

    So I suppose Mike and Tom must beleive that Biden is a better moral choice than Trump. You are not Evangilicals as your iignorance of why Evangilicals voted for Trump has nothing to do with his spiritual condition himself but his policies which were more closely aligned with Evangilicals than the entire domocratiic party. For example, energy independence, religious liberty, protection for the unborn babies, Putting American interests above those who would make us more dependent on countries who despise us….And only GOD can judge Mr. Trump’s spiritual. No myself , not either one of you or Mr. Labash for that matter…In looking at what Mr. Biden has done to take about not just religious liberites, but individual liberities, I can’t imagine why anybodty would have voted for Biden, otther than that hate Mr. Trump personally, and I believe the Bible tells us to leave vengence to the Lord. Personally, I wished President Trump would have had the personality of President Reagan, for if he had, he would still be President. And if the vote had been legal, my personal opinion is that President Trump would still be leading a vibrant recovery and we would still be energy independent instead of trusting unproven technologies and OPEC to keep us affloat…Just my humble opinon.

  18. Disgusted

    It is appalling as to how many people are worshipping the anti-Christ and it isn’t Donald Trump. This website is a spy site for the evil Democrats. AND it WAS the ANTIFA behind the insurrection, who were given orders by Nancy Pelosi well before the rally at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The FBI arrested one member of ANTIFA who, on camera said Nancy was the one who started the insurrection after calling the head of ANTIFA and telling him to have his people go to the Capitol on January 5, 2021 dressed like Trump supporters, then on January 6, 2021, while Trump was giving his speech, for them to start rioting, destroying, maiming people and kill if they can. BLM was invited, too. That video was shown all around America. This site better start telling the truth or it won’t be here long. I am sick of sites and people that are keeping America so divided by pure selfishness and wanting their 15 minutes of fame! Maybe we all should sue this site and the Trump haters!

    1. Sandra Price

      I agree! Biden was only elected by fraud, and people so blinded by their hatred for Trump that they refused to see that Biden was going to be controlled by the likes of Nancy and Chuck!! They knew he was not mentally capable of running this country and they would have free rein telling him what to do!! He has admitted this himself numerous times! Now we have this complete disaster perpetrated by Chuck and Nancy’s insane desire for total control over the people of this country!! They both think they are so smart and Americans are so stupid, they could accomplish whatever the wanted. The fact that it has completely backfired on them must be a real shocker!!

    2. Evangelicals Who Shine A Light On The Blatant Suppression of Election Data Offends Never Trumpers

      Disgusted – I totally agree with every word you said.
      I have had 3 (THREE) comments “awaiting moderation” since November 18 at 4:11pm.
      My G-rated comments were placed BEFORE Mike and Tom’s Never Trumper Comments.

      Sure looks like this “christian” site is trying to push a narrative.

      I also unsubscribed last night.


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