Could Abraham Accords be the Key to Ending Arab-Israeli Conflict

Former ambassador David Friedman, a key player in the formation of the historic Abraham Accords agreement, spoke with i24NEWS on the legacy of the deal.

“It came down to trust. We developed a level of trust with our allies… They felt that we were all together on the same page with the same values and the same objectives,” he said.

“That trust brought it over the mountain.”

Friedman also attributed the success of the accords to the perspectives of the parties involved.

“We were blessed on all sides with really courageous, forward thinking people.”

The former ambassador also said that the future of the Middle East could depend on steps taken by Washington.

“I think the biggest issue for regional peace in the Middle East is the role that the United States plays going forward.”

Friedman discussed his latest initiative, the new Friedman Center for Peace Through Strength, which is set to open on October 11.

He described it as an organization which aspires to ultimately end the Arab-Israeli conflict by focusing on ending “the very dangerous myth that Israel does not respect Islamic holy sites.”

Initiatives by the institute would reportedly attempt to expand Islamic tourism into Israel.

When asked about the opportunity for a comeback of former president Donald Trump, Friedman said he did not know.

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