Why Atheism Is ‘Incompatible’ with Science

Christian author, speaker and conservative radio host Eric Metaxas recently published a new book in which he shares arguments and evidence against atheism.

His latest book – Is Atheism Dead? – highlights five recent discoveries that point to the existence of God.

“We’ve all lived at a time when not only is the trend that science is pointing us away from God, but we’ve been living for over 100 years with the narrative that says, science is fundamentally at odds with faith, that reason is at odds with religion,” Metaxas told The Christian Post in a recent interview.

“The one thing everybody kept saying – science is leading us away from religion,” he continued. “Ironically, in the last 50 years, precisely the opposite has happened. Science is leading us to God. It’s big news,” Metaxas asserted.

One case that has intrigued Metaxas is the discovery of a city believed to have been destroyed by a meteor. Some scientists believe the city is located on the site of Sodom. In the Bible, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God for their wickedness (Genesis 19).

“Most believers, and definitely most non-believers, don’t know this information, and it’s because we live in a media echo chamber that tends to filter out this kind of information. By the grace of God, I’ve been able to stumble on this stuff,” he said.

Metaxas, who has written New York Times Bestsellers such as Bonhoeffer, Amazing Grace and Martin Luther, explained that his latest book title draws inspiration from a 1966 Time article that asked, “Is God Dead?”

“Maybe the logical question in 1966 was, ‘Is God dead?’ But the logical question, now that science itself is pointing to the existence of God, which sounds crazy but it’s true, and nobody knows it – maybe now’s the time to write a book with the title, Is Atheism Dead?” he says.

In his book, Metaxas concludes that atheism is “incompatible” with science, based on his research.

“This idea that data and science are at odds – the biggest news is that not only is that not true, there are two things that follow,” the Christian author explained. “The second is, according to John Lennox … it is actually atheism that is incompatible with science, which is a dramatic statement. The third thing, which nobody seems to know, but it’s true, is that Christian faith led to modern science … this is a historical fact; this is not some Christian gloss on history.”

“Science lately … is discovering things about our universe, about the Earth, about human life, about cellular life that looks so fine-tuned, so perfectly calibrated … that even atheists are being shaken,” he noted. “That’s the one thing that they don’t know quite how to handle it.”

In closing, Metaxas told The Christian Post that he hopes his new book will prompt the church to “wake up” and fight for the faith.

“In my Bonhoeffer book, I deal with this – the Church was slow to wake up,” he said. “And that is a model of what not to do. If we do not wake up and fight – and a lot of Christians have bad theology that says, ‘Oh, I don’t think I’m supposed to fight’ – not only is that not biblical, that’s demonic. God pulled us to fight evil. He calls us to fight on our knees in prayer, but He also calls us to fight in all kinds of other ways.”

Milton Quintanilla is a freelance writer. He is also the co-hosts of the For Your Soul podcast, which seeks to equip the church with biblical truth and sound doctrine. Visit his blog Blessed Are The Forgiven.

2 thoughts on “Why Atheism Is ‘Incompatible’ with Science

  1. Robert Berger

    “Atheism is incompatible with science ?” And creationism isn’t ? Unbelievable . Most scientists are either atheists or agnostics , and for a good reason . Religion is nothing but ancient superstition , and utterly incompatible with science , which is based on reason and facts .

  2. ratwrangler

    I’ve been a practicing scientist for nearly 60 years, a practicing Christian for nearly 30 years, and ordained for over a year. Science has never been able to prove that God, any god, exists, or that Christ walked the Earth over two thousand years ago. Science has also been unable to prove that God does not exist. I have been working on a way to reconcile the story of Creation with the science describing our early planet, and most of it fits together as long as no one erroneously claims that the Bible is absolutely true, with no room for interpretation. As an example, does any Bible scholar actually believe that we will give up all of our technology in the end days, and fight riding horses that breathe fire, and have faces on their tails? I don’t. I think John was shown images of the last days, and misinterpreted what he saw, based on his world. If Genesis was presented as a movie on God’s Celestial CinemaScope, misinterpretation would be possible, and maybe even likely.


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