Britney Spears Proposes Making Churchgoing “Cool Again”

In a recent Instagram post, pop star Britney Spears insisted that we should “make church cool again.”

On Sunday, the 39-year-old singer shared a video of herself modeling a blue lacey dress with her 35.4 million Instagram followers. In the video’s caption, Spears shared that she had recently tried to go to church but was unable to because of paparazzi camped outside of her house.

“I miss church so I tried to go to church the other day but there were too many paps outside my house,” she wrote.

“You know she will be coming around the mountain when she comes. Kinda crazy since it was mental health day last weekend and all I could think about was church!!! I haven’t been to church in a while … thankfully the paps didn’t find me and I was able to enjoy my day anyway,” she continued before reminiscing about working in the church nursery when she was younger.

“When I went to church when I was younger I took care of the babies in the nursery during big church and I think the thing I miss most about going is the gathering of all the people …” Spears said.

She then noted that she “made this video to remind me of good old times when Church was lit!!!”

“Pssss let’s make church cool again,” the pop star concluded.

Britney Spears

Spears’ post was met with vast support from her followers. One Instagram user thanked Spears, writing, “Church is fun! and so healing! Thanks Britney.” Another advocated for her, writing, “You deserve to go to church in peace!!!”

According to the Washington Post, Spears, who is currently in the middle of a tense legal battle to end her conservatorship, was raised Baptist. 

But, in a now-deleted Q&A video posted to her Instagram page last year, Spears shared that though she “grew up Baptist,” she later studied the Jewish mystic tradition of Kabbalah. “I go back and forth—but I do believe there is a god,” Newsweek reports her saying in the video.

According to Religion News Service, in August of this year, however, the singer shared, in another now-deleted Instagram post, that she had converted to Catholicism.

In recent years, Spears has been fighting to end a conservatorship placed on her more than 13 years ago.

In 2008, after having a very public breakdown, Spears was put into a conservatorship that let her estranged father, Jamie Spears, and a team of others control nearly every aspect of her life.

According to Rolling Stone, Spears first spoke out about her conservatorship in a 2016 interview while promoting her ninth studio album, Glory.

Just a few years later, believing Spears was being controlled or in danger, fans started the #FreeBritney movement, calling for her to be released from her conservatorship.

Then between 2019-2020, Spears indicated that she no longer wanted her father handling her career and took the conservatorship to court in order to have him removed from the arrangement. During a July 2021 testimony, Spears shared that under the conservatorship, she was forced to perform, take drugs and prohibited from having more children, the BBC reports.

In September 2021, a judge suspended Jamie Spears from the conservatorship. Despite having her father suspended, Spears is currently still under the conservatorship.

She is expected to continue to fight for the legal agreement to be dissolved.

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