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The Final Moments of a Christian Celebrity

Singer, actress, and Christian celebrity Olivia Newton-John died peacefully on August 8, 2022, at age 73, following a 30-year battle with cancer. Her Rise To Fame: Olivia Newton-John Bio Though born in England in 1948, Olivia’s family moved to Australia when she was five. And one look at the Olivia Newton-John bio points to just […]

Who Really wrote the Dead Sea scrolls?

In November 1946, as the sun slowly rose over the Judean Desert, three Bedouin cousins went looking for a lost goat in the hills close to the Dead Sea. Intent on finding the animal, they stumbled instead on some of the most important religious texts in the ancient world—the Dead Sea Scrolls. Some 100,000 fragments […]

New Scholarly Debate Rages Over Age of Jesus at Death

While some maintain certainty over the topic of Jesus’ age of death, new discoveries cast major doubt. Jesus Christ (also known as Jesus of Galilee or Jesus of Nazareth) is the central figure in  Christianity who is seen as the son of God. Important aspects of the Christian canon are the Virgin Birth of Jesus […]